I'm back!

Okay, so...

I consistently seem to post on my blog for six months, and then completely abandon it when the going gets tough. It's hard to juggle commitments out with work and university, so my blog has always been the first thing to go when I feel like I'm overwhelmed and need a break.

However, that is going to change! I've decided that, prior to graduating from my BA(Hons) degree in Digital Media and beginning my MLitt in Creative Writing, I need an outlet to start to enjoy writing again. I have no idea what sort of blog posts I'll write, so I can't even tell you what to expect. All I can say is, bear with me and we'll get through it together.

You'll notice that I've decided to archive all my previous posts. I'd like to start fresh and I think in order to do so, this is totally necessary for a new start.

much love x

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